About Nico

About Nico:

Nico is a wild 3 year-old with an incredible passion for soap. One day, his nanny, Bella, brought over soap-making equipment as a casual activity. He was in love. He passed out his soaps generously to all of his friends and loved how happy people became. 

Nico started asking to make soap every day. With time, his skill and his inventory grew. Eventually, he had given all of his friends soaps but the desire to make people happy with this soaps remained.  

Nico makes soap three to four times per week. He makes his creations from start to finish with the supervision of an adult. Nico packages his soaps himself. 

Where is the Money Going:

Nico is responsible for paying back his parents for the initial investment for the equipment and supplies but the remaining money is being deposited into a college fund for him.

There is a college fund set up for Nico, but he will also have a physical piggy bank for discretionary funds he can use as he sees fit. This is in an experiment in both entrepreneurship and finance, as well as being a fun and creative activity.

Shop with a Cause:

Nico's big brother, Liam Kowal, was tragically killed by a drunk driver on September 3, 2016. Nico and Liam never got the chance to meet. Even so, Nico loves his brother and speaks of him often. Nico says, "Liam in heaben (heaven) with Frankie (Nico's dog who recently passed)." Nico's parents, Marcus and Mishel, have dedicated themselves to fighting drunk driving. Drunk driving is 100% preventable. Nico Loves Soap will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Liam's Life Foundation. You can also help by rounding up your shopping cart at check out or choosing to donate a specific amount for a discount on your purchase. For more on Liam's Life Foundation, visit the site.

Certain months will be dedicated to other non-profits as well, because we believe in giving back and helping!




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